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The castle hotel is located on the northern side of lake Balaton I invite you to escape your normal routine to indulge in the splendor of Hungarian countryside.
The SIR DAVID Balaton Castle is situated 200 meters off north shore of the "Hungarian Sea" also known as Balaton Lake. I Gazing out the windows of the elegant apartments, an eye-delightful panorama unfolds before you. You can hear the birds bring in the morning as the sun rises in full bloom and wonderful colors enrich the landscape. For our guests who want to escape the stresses of everyday life, we offer peaceful resting place among nature. At the same time, quests looking for other sources of entertainment will also find us in an ideal location. There are many places to see and so much you can do on your vacation whit us, that is why we will make every effort possible to accommodate your needs. We can (arrange) guided tours, trips, and special events. You can take a relaxing boat trip on the Balaton or sail on the warm waters. For a private bath, we have a beautiful pool...
You can finish off a pleasant day by enjoying local specialities as well as international cuisine in cosy restaurants nearby. Take a romantic walk around the castle's green park, where the crickets provide the ambiance along with the starlit sky. Here we offer you the splendor of relaxation and every moment spent here is a beautiful gift from nature! We look forward to make your vacation memorable. We are waiting whit affection for all guests who visit us here!

Sandard room 
Price 90€

Bedroom 2 person/night: bathroom with shower + bidet, TV, blower, *size: 15-20 m2, overlook the park

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Honeymoon Suite 
Price 120€

Bathroom with hydrotube + bidet, TV, bedroom with four poster, dayroom, *size: 60 m2, overlook the park

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Sir David Suite 
Price 180€

Bathroom with shower + bidet, 2 bedrooms, kitchen, dining room, dayroom, TV, tile stove, *size: 100 m2, overlook the Lake Balaton, with balcony content here',

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Balaton Suite 
Price 170€

Bathroom with bathtube + bidet, 2 bedrooms, kitchen, dining room, dayroom, TV, *size: 100 m2, overlook the Lake Balaton, sunterrace

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Castle Suite
Price 150€

Bathroom with bathtube + bidet, 1 bedroom, kitchen, dining room, dayroom, TV, *size: 70 m2, overlook the Lake Balaton, with balcony

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